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Part A Audit framework and regulation
1-Chapter1 What is assurance engagement 免费 播放 0:34:45
2-Chapter1 Five elements of assurance engagement Accountability stewardship and agency 播放 0:24:21
3-Chapter1 Types and objectives of assurance engagements External audit engagements Review engagemen 播放 0:27:54
4-Chapter1 Reporting the outcome of assurance engagement 播放 0:46:12
5-Chapter1 Limitations of external audits 播放 0:16:27
6-Chapter2 Objective of statutory audits and the audit opinion Rights duties appointment removal and 播放 0:19:40
7-Chapter2 Regulation of auditors 播放 0:25:14
8-Chapter3 Codes of Corporate Governance Audit Committee 播放 0:32:38
9-Chapter3 Internal control effectiveness Communication with those charged with governance 播放 0:41:28
10-Chapter4 Internal audit and corporate governance 播放 0:41:35
11-Chapter4 Distinction between internal and external audit Internal audit assignments Outsourcing i 播放 0:52:05
12-Chapter5 Fundamental principles of professional ethics 播放 0:18:35
13-Chapter5 Threats to the objectivity (independence) and the safeguard Conflicts of interest Enforc 播放 0:44:45
14-Chapter6 Obtaining new audit work Appointment validity and ethics Agreeing the terms of the engag 播放 0:44:38
15-Chapter6 Quality control at a firm level Quality control on an individual audit 播放 0:15:53
Part B Planning and risk assessment
16-Chapter7 Audit planning Interim and final audits Audit documentation 播放 0:45:36
17-Chapter8 Introduction to risk Materiality 播放 0:54:17
18-Chapter8 Understanding the entity and its environment Assessing the risks of material misstatemen 播放 0:40:10
19-Chapter8 Fraud law and regulations 播放 0:26:54
20-Chapter9 Audit evidence Audit procedures to obtain audit evidence Analytical procedures 播放 0:39:44
21-Chapter9 Audit sampling Computer-assisted audit techniques 播放 0:26:20
22-Chapter9 Using the work of others 播放 0:24:48
Part C and Part D FSs internal control testing and substantive testing
23-Chapter10 Internal control systems 播放 0:29:45
24-Chapter10 Recording accounting and control systems The evaluation of internal control components 播放 0:33:30
25-Chapter10 Internal control in a computerized environment 播放 0:09:43
26-Supplement The sales system 播放 0:38:26
27-Supplement The purchases system 播放 0:32:35
28-Supplement The inventory system 播放 0:36:13
29-Supplement The bank and cash system The payroll system 播放 0:28:13
30-Chapter11 Test of control for the sales and cash receipts system Revision of sales and trade rece 播放 0:24:55
31-Chapter11 The assertions about receivables Substantive procedures trade receivables prepayment an 播放 0:41:56
32-Chapter11 The receivables confirmation 播放 0:26:02
33-Chapter12 Test of control for the purchases and cash payment system The assertions about trade pa 播放 0:29:46
34-Chapter12 Substantive procedures trade payables accruals and expenses 播放 0:37:08
35-Chapter13 Test of control for inventory system Audit approach and the assertions about inventory 播放 0:26:51
36-Chapter13 Substantive procedures to test year-end inventory 播放 0:16:34
37-Chapter13 The physical inventory count ISA 501 Cut-off of inventory Valuation of inventory 播放 0:35:45
38-Chapter14 Test of control about payroll cycle system 播放 0:24:42
39-Chapter14 Substantive procedures accruals and wage cost 播放 0:21:47
40-Chapter15 Introduction of cash Cash balance auditing 播放 0:20:48
41-Chapter15 Bank balance auditing 播放 0:16:15
42-Chapter16 Control testing for capital expenditure 播放 0:08:56
43-Chapter16 Tangible non-current assets 播放 0:30:40
44-Chapter16 Intangible non-current assets 播放 0:16:50
45-Chapter17 Non-current liabilities Capital and other issues 播放 0:16:44
46-Chapter18 Accounting estimates 播放 0:26:11
47-Chapter18 Provisions and contingencies 播放 0:28:51
Part E Review and reporting
48-Chapter19 Subsequent events a 播放 0:46:19
49-Chapter19 Subsequent events b 播放 0:31:53
50-Chapter19 Going concern a 播放 0:24:12
51-Chapter19 Going concern b 播放 0:40:40
52-Chapter19 Written representations Overall review of financial statements 播放 0:27:03
53-Chapter20 An auditor’s report with unmodified opinion 播放 0:35:08
54-Chapter20 Key audit matters 播放 0:19:00
55-Chapter20 Emphasis of matter paragraph and other matter paragraph 播放 0:12:24
56-Chapter20 An auditor’s report with modified opinion Other information audit Reports to management 播放 0:36:46
57-Revision Part A Definition and explanation 播放 0:28:55
58-Revision Part B Case analysis a 播放 0:27:37
59-Revision Part B Case analysis b 播放 0:26:59
60-Revision Part B Case analysis c 播放 0:38:54
61-Revision Part B Case analysis d 播放 0:20:11
62-Revision Part B Case analysis e 播放 0:26:38
63-Revision Part B Case analysis f 播放 0:31:18
64-Revision Part B Case analysis g 播放 0:35:54
65-Revision Part B Case analysis h 播放 0:31:46
66-Revision Part B Case analysis i 播放 0:20:39
67-Revision Part B Case analysis j 播放 0:25:47
68-Revision Part B Case analysis k 播放 0:29:35
69-Revision Part B Case analysis Substantive procedures a 播放 0:31:32
70-Revision Part B Case analysis Substantive procedures b 播放 0:28:57
71-Revision Part B Case analysis Substantive procedures c 播放 0:30:33
72-Revision Part B Case analysis Subsequent events 播放 0:19:16
73-Revision Part B Case analysis Going concern 播放 0:31:55
74-Revision Part B Case analysis Other matter influence the audit report 播放 0:20:22
75-Revision Part B Case analysis Distinguish between T.O.C and S.P Gaining an understanding of the e 播放 0:27:10
76-Revision O T Practice 1 Sep 2016 a 播放 0:29:52
77-Revision O T Practice 1 Sep 2016 b 播放 0:15:12
78-Revision O T Practice 1 Sep 2016 c 播放 0:21:43
79-Revision O T Practice 2 Going concern(Strawberry (6/12) (amended) 播放 0:20:10
80-Revision O T Practice 3 Review and Reporting Chestnut (6/15) (amended) (CBE) 播放 0:20:19
81-Revision O T Practice 4 Audit Evidence Newthorpe (CBE) 播放 0:15:11
82-Revision O T Practice 5 Audit Evidence Tirrol (6/09) (amended) (CBE) 播放 0:15:14
83-Revision O T Practice 6 Orange (CBE) 播放 0:15:07
Chapter1 习题-C1选择题1 播放 0:22:38
Chapter1 习题-C1解答题1 five elements of assurance engagement 播放 0:08:46
Chapter2 习题-C2选择题1 播放 0:14:14
Chapter3 习题-C3选择题1 播放 0:21:31
Chapter3 习题-C3选择题2 播放 0:17:49
Chapter3 习题-C3选择题3 播放 0:26:07
Chapter4 习题-C4选择题1 播放 0:07:27
Chapter4 习题-C4解答题1 Saxophone Enterprises Co 播放 0:18:05
Chapter5 习题-C5选择题1 播放 0:17:22
Chapter5 习题-C5选择题2 播放 0:13:37
Chapter5 习题-C5解答题1 Pink Partners 播放 0:13:15
Chapter6 习题-C6选择题1 播放 0:05:16
Chapter7 习题-C7选择题1 播放 0:12:52
Chapter8 习题-C8选择题1 播放 0:18:18
Chapter8 习题-C8选择题2 播放 0:14:04
Chapter8 习题-C8选择题3 播放 0:16:28
Chapter8 习题-C8选择题4 播放 0:14:34
Chapter8 习题-C8解答题1 Sycamore Science Co 播放 0:20:01
Chapter9 习题-C9选择题1 播放 0:19:23
Chapter9 习题-C9选择题2 播放 0:37:04
Chapter10 习题-C10选择题1 播放 0:16:22
Chapter11 习题-C11选择题1 播放 0:08:11
Chapter11 习题-C11解答题1 Oregano Co 播放 0:20:23
Chapter11 习题-C11解答题2 The receivables' confirmation 播放 0:15:18
Chapter11 习题-C11解答题3 Revenue 播放 0:13:40
Chapter12 习题-C12选择题1 播放 0:03:36
Chapter12 习题-C12解答题1 Fox Industries Co 播放 0:17:25
Chapter12 习题-C12解答题2 Trade payable and accrual 播放 0:08:39
Chapter13 习题-C13选择题1 播放 0:07:31
Chapter13 习题-C13解答题1 Lily Window Glass Co 播放 0:18:13
Chapter13 习题-C13解答题2 WIP 播放 0:10:39
Chapter14 习题-C14解答题1 Trombone Co 播放 0:20:22
Chapter14 习题-C14解答题2 Payroll 播放 0:08:00
Chapter15 习题-C15选择题1 播放 0:06:29
Chapter16 习题-C16选择题1 播放 0:19:33
Chapter16 习题-C16选择题2 播放 0:18:26
Chapter16 习题-C16解答题1 Asset Addition & Disposal 播放 0:10:37
Chapter16 习题-C16解答题2 PPE 播放 0:08:29
Chapter17 习题-C17选择题1 播放 0:04:35
Chapter18 习题-C18选择题1 播放 0:14:57
Chapter18 习题-C18选择题2 播放 0:06:00
Chapter18 习题-C18解答题1 播放 0:10:52
Chapter19 习题-C19选择题1 播放 0:15:01
Chapter19 习题-C19选择题2 播放 0:14:03
Chapter19 习题-C19选择题3 播放 0:17:47
Chapter19 习题-C19选择题4 播放 0:18:57
Chapter19 习题-C19选择题5 播放 0:09:36
Chapter19 习题-C19解答题1 Bullfinch 播放 0:11:55
Chapter19 习题-C19解答题2 Mercury 播放 0:28:00
Chapter20 习题-C20选择题1 播放 0:18:46
Chapter20 习题-C20解答题1 Andromeda 播放 0:08:33
Chapter20 习题-C20解答题2 Jackdaw 播放 0:07:35
supplement 题-F8-supplement 播放 0:10:35
2019-2020 新大纲变动解析
Quality Control 播放 00:26:50
Internal Control system 播放 00:48:41
Internal controls in a computer environment and CAAT 播放 00:41:00
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